Korial is a half dragon, born in scotland. His father moved to America in the late 80's, taking his newborn son with him. Not long after, Korial's father was killed in battle and he was taken in by his grandfather in Scotland. Ten years of training later, Korial is now a powerful warrior. He is dating a daemon named Janette, though she only wants him for his soul.


Despite all of the strange things that seem to happen around him, Kevin is just an ordinary guy with an ordinary job and an ordinary girlfriend. He met Korial when they were small children, and when Korial moved back to the states Kevin let him move in with him. Kevin can be paranoid and cowardly at times, though thats to be expected as he is constantly being attacked by trolls, kidnapped, eaten, and so on...


Krystal is a girl. She attends Evergreen State College, and hangs out with the crew whenever she can. She handles all the weird crap that goes on a lot better than Kevin. She is not Emo.


Sometime in the 60's a secret Soviet organization finished experimentation on a super-soldier program. For reasons unknown, the facility was destroyed and a single pod was launched into space. Aboard this pod was located Ivanov, who is a cat. He learned everything he knows about America from television and movies. His accent is very strong.

Brute and Grunt

These two clowns showed up during a Halo comic in october, then they never really went away.

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